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Skratchy Seal Slippers
[Image: d1ea4c47ba48571d6311ce650124e73f54f74a3b...e0554c.jpg]Now on! The super thin slipmats that cover all categories for the pro DJs: Amazing freedom for skratching, juggling and mixing! Secretly used by Dj Q for many years until now! Feels just like our sold out Butter Rugs but ever so slightly sturdier for longer lasting skratch pleasure! Collect all the limited edition prints, or save and grab them all in one pack (with a free bonus pair by Yedi Fresh)! Get em on before they all slip away!
-Dj Qbert tagBeedle (ISP logo)
-Dirt Style logo (classic)
-Dirt McGirt (Dirt Style Mascot)
-Skratchy Seal of Approval
-Superseal Seven logo by East Three
-Next Cosmos art by Osgemeos
-Extraterrestria by Morning Breath Inc! Strobe Light
-GalaXXXian album cover by Mars-1 & Brendan the Blob
-Plain Black
-Save! With the all in one pack! All 10 Slippers plus the free limited edition bonus Yedi Fresh Slippers! Only 33 available! 
Cover art by Yedi Fresh!
Comes in a pair (TWO Skratchy Seal Slippers)
-Skratchy Seal
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